Dear Adam

“I’ve tried to put this ghost crap behind me…” In this MID-SEASON FINALE, for the first time in over a decade, the Carroll Sisters hear from Adam. He grew up next door in the Murder House and survived the fire that burnt it down--but that wasn’t the end of his horror story. Strange troubles follow Adam wherever he goes, even across oceans. In addition, Meg and MK are caught off guard by a live call from a distressed friend, the Sober Motorist. She’s at a frat party when things go from fun and flirty to really freakin’ scary.

Dear Ambrose

“At first, she was just a shape in the dark…” A childhood friend reaches out to the Carroll Sisters with a disturbing story that raises new questions about the Murder House, John Dearborn, and someone else from their past. In addition, Meg explains Merlin’s demonic origins. MK talks about the deadly side of sleepwalking.

Dear Nancy

“Then she just ripped me out of bed…” On Halloween night in 1977, she snuck out to see her boyfriend. The next day he was murdered by his father, John Dearborn. This episode is about the Dearborn family and who they were before the killings, as told by some of the people who knew them. The Carroll sisters try to make sense of it all. In addition, Meg tells the story of how an innocent game of hide-and-seek led to a brush with evil.